Elpis Romania

Elpis – the place of hope Romania


ELPIS is a Christian interdenominational ministry, having Christ at its centre.

Being a national ministry, ELPIS serves Romania and Romanians in all the parts of the world.

We are passionate to bring God’s healing to the hurting and broken-hearted, His deliverance and freedom to those who are bound and His comfort to those in grief and mourning – Isaiah 58.

Our Vision – to fulfil God’s plans as described in Isaiah 61:1-3.

Our Mission – to help people deepen their Christian faith, by developing a passionate relationship with Jesus Christ.

Through training and personal ministry, people are equipped, experience healing and restoration and, under the Holy Spirit’s guidance, go on to enjoy meaningful and fulfilled lives.

All these are vital aspects of ensuring the health of the Body of Christ and training Christians to press on in obedience to the Great Commission of making disciples, which Jesus gave to His church.

We rejoice to see the transformation of those who passionately follow Jesus Christ and who are ready to serve Him and be a change factor in their sphere of influence.

Directors:  David and Mihaela Moza

Website:  www.elpis.net