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his is a fresh and vibrant network of ministries which the Lord has raised up from those that were formerly part of Ellel Ministries International. GOHI (or GO-HIGH as it is already being called!) is led by a group of experienced and well-established leaders who have been called together to further God’s Kingdom purposes in a relational network, serving God together under the apostolic calling of Peter Horrobin, the Founder of Ellel Ministries International, with the support of Jill Southern, the pioneering founder of Ellel Pierrepont.

Each Gates of Hope Ministry has its own unique identity and calling.  While being of one mind and purpose with a common ethos, each affiliated ministry operates under its own independent leadership and legal entity according to the laws of their local jurisdiction.

It is not intended that GOHI becomes an unwieldy organisation, but rather acts as a catalyst, to encourage, nurture, mentor, train and develop new initiatives and ministries as the Lord opens doors across the world.  Within GOHI, there is a vast amount of pioneering leadership experience which, under God’s hand, we want to utilise in the urgent days in which we live.  GOHI will also generate a significant supply of ministry materials, designed to be utilised in the harvest field.

Within the GOHI network are some key places where prophetic vision is being established in the midst of dynamic world-changing events – such as the work of Sha’arei Tikva (the well-established and highly respected work in Israel) and the work of Arab World Ministries. These are highly relevant to the times we live in and it is intended that GOHI will be a means of providing significant support for them, especially as things escalate in the Middle East. The work in Asia is also of huge strategic significance spanning the whole of the Chinese speaking world.

As a predominantly Kingdom focussed mission organisation, GOHI has a need for donations from Supporters and Partners who will join us in prayer and giving.  Already there has been extensive prayer taking place, undergirding the ministry, which we see as the vital kingpin of the work as we move forward, watching God at work growing and developing the ministry.

God is already giving fresh vision to all the individual ministries in GOHI and to our collective calling as the Lord is also opening new doors and doing a new thing, for which we rejoice. We look forward to sharing more about what God is doing through GOHI through regular emails to our subscribers and GOHI News on the website.

Gates of Hope International Ltd


ates of Hope International Ltd is a non-profit company established to serve the practical needs of the ministry as its covering organisation. GOHI will also be a source of supportive funding for those serving God in the ministry.

Founding Directors:

  • Peter Horrobin (Founder of EMI)
  • Jill Southern (Founder of Ellel Pierrepont)
  • Michael Stewart, Senior Partner of Camerons Solicitors

To find out more about Peter Horrobin, please go to www.peterhorrobin.com

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