“I am so pleased to affirm the work and ministry of Gates of Hope International (GOHI). We are living in truly challenging days affecting every level of life, especially as we shift increasingly into the “End Times”. I truly believe God has raised up GOHI at this time of history in order to be a catalyst of ministry and change preparing the people of God for the coming Harvest.  These are extraordinary days at so many levels and yet for those who fear the Lord and who long to know His Ways He is providing key Biblical insights and unique tools of training in this very hour of history. It is for this reason I commend to you the work and vision of GOHI for such a time as this.”

Rev Dr. Alistair P. Petrie, Executive Director – Partnership Ministries
GOHI Adviser

“Gates of Hope International has been providing inspirational teaching by Zoom for Arabic leaders right across our region. Teaching about how to live for Christ in  these End Times and to  focus on preaching the Gospel with signs and wonders has already transformed thousands of lives.

Many leaders have found personal healing in their own lives and have been encouraged to live a holy lifestyle. And recently we have been blessed to see hundreds of young people come to Jesus.

Our hope is that through the support of GOHI, the teaching we are now equipped to give will reach out across the region and we will see many thousands of lives  being impacted by the Gospel and choosing to follow Jesus.”

Sameh and Liz Khalil, Leaders of GOHI Arab World Ministries

“Over 20 years of ministry in the Russian speaking world, under Peter Horrobin’s apostolic protection and anointing, we have witnessed the miraculous healing and restoration of many people’s lives.

Gates of Hope International (GOHI) is the response of various ministries to God’s call to prepare the church of Jesus Christ for the End Times.

We are inspired by Peter and Fiona Horrobin’s faith and faithfulness to God’s calling and we are honoured to be part of GOHI along with other leaders who have dedicated their lives to God’s calling.”

Mikhail and Olga Kushnarev, Leaders of God's Holy Mountain

“For such a time as this, God has raised up Gates of Hope International (GOHI). More than ever, a clarion call needs to be released into the nations of the earth to take note of the hour in which we find ourselves.

I believe there are those who God has set apart to help the Body of Christ navigate the times ahead and give understanding to the season in which we find ourselves.

The Body needs help in reading the signs of the times and know how to prepare Herself as the Bride and to respond to a lost and confused world. This call is intrinsic to the vision and work of GOHI. I commend the work and ministry of GOHI.”

Rev. Ray Borg, Director, Donor & Community Care,
Canadian National Christian Foundation.
Pastor, Shiloh Christian Fellowship.

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