GOHI Newsmail – May 2024

A Brief Update

God is opening so many doors for GOHI that I wish I still had the energy of a much younger man! But, Praise God, the next generation of GOHI leaders around the world are stepping out in faith to grasp the opportunities and do the work.

While Fiona and I will always do whatever we can, our primary role now is to encourage the troops on the ground and generate the provision with which to fund these pioneering ventures and support those ministries where local funding is an impossibility.

Facing Goliaths

Please forgive me for being excited about what God is doing!

As I said in my last blog, “There is a powerful move of the Spirit of God among the sons of Ishmael (the Arab world), complementing what is happening in Israel, as Jewish believers (the sons of Isaac) are discovering that Yeshua really is their Messiah.”

GOHI Newsmail – April 2024

On behalf of all of us at GOHI, thank you for your interest in what God is doing through the work.

GOHI has taken off – and is flying! After months of preparation, not only is the new website open at www.gohi.world but all the ministries in the GOHI Network are working together in harmony and taking ground for the Kingdom of God.

Amazing News Update from GOHI Arab World Ministries

Ground-breaking Conference of Arab Nations

We write this with hearts brimming over with praise and thankfulness to the Lord for the amazing conference we have just held in the Middle East: an incredible, groundbreaking event, a time of huge encouragement as Peter Horrobin, powerfully anointed by the Holy Spirit, taught and ministered to pastors and leaders from all over the Middle East.

Veterans in the Front Line – Easter Message 2024

He is risen! Oh what a glorious message – and it’s true! May the joy of the resurrection be yours this Eastertide.

When Jesus rose from the dead a trumpet call went out from Jerusalem which heralded the birth of the church. The end times had begun and they won’t be over until Jesus comes again and puts His feet down in Jerusalem on the Mount of Olives (Zechariah 14:4). Between now and then we have work to do!

GOHI in the Arab World

As our long-standing work in the Middle East was freshly established as GOHI Arab World Ministries, we said, in a very simple way, “Here we are, Lord!” When He replied, “Go!” in simple trust (and trepidation!) we went! And now we find ourselves having the joy of partnering daily with Him in His End Time purposes, as part of Gates of Hope International.

Man Healed as Jill Teaches

Jesus has healed me!

When I was aged 13 I was diagnosed with Perthe’s disease, a serious condition of the hip joint. I spent 6 months in a Childrens Hospital on Traction, lying very still on a tilted bed with heavy weights attached to my legs. After 4 months I was operated on and I spent 6 weeks in a half body plaster.


Tsunamis are caused by earthquakes under the sea. When the geological foundations of the world shift suddenly, waves of unstoppable power are the result. People playing on the beaches, unaware of what’s happening and ignorant of any warnings, are suddenly and catastrophically swept away.


At critical moments in my life God has brought key books to my attention, and an urgency in my spirit has compelled me to read them. Some have been, quite literally, life-changing, life-enabling and life directing.

Lance Lambert’s book ‘Jacob I Have Loved’ is the latest in a long list of priceless books which God has used in this way. The theme of the book is ‘The Power of God to Transform a Human Life’, as seen in the life of Jacob (Sovereign World, 2007). The book has been on my shelves, unread, for fifteen years. I have passed that shelf many times each day, for at least 5000 days!